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Grow Your Business with odoo

One need, one App , Expand as you Grow 

odoo Features


All the time-saving tools you need  to
grow your business


Stop losing receipts, Upload all receipts 
directly into the expense record


Set-up in minutes, sell in seconds. 
Compatible with any device


Leaves,  Allocations,  Time sheets ,  Attendances ,Appraisals, Recruitment's, Expenses


Send, sign and approve 
documents online.


Automate campaigns,  


Automatically send RfQ's to your  suppliers
based on your stocks levels


Stop losing receipts, Upload all  receipts
directly into the expense record


Manufacturing Reinvented  A modern
solution to an old problem


Manage your inventory  track it


Customer relationship  made easy

Help Desk

Track, prioritize, and solve  customer tickets

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.

Our Services

Robotic Process Automation


                Artificial Intelligence                  

Open Stack Consulting

ERP Consulting

Functional Development

Fin Tech Consulting

I S Audit

Big Data Analytics

Linux Consulting

Benefits from the Open Source Solutions

Let open source technologies run your business while You focus on strategy and OpenWare Business continues to provide multi-faceted solutions, products and services. OpenWare Business leadership and teams work with passion to bring new technologies and knowledge to our clients. Our teams maintains the skill matrix to cope with the challenges in the ever-changing world of technology. OpenWare Business provides Enterprise solutions with a complete focus in Open Source technologies, tools and platforms. OpenWare Business’s development teams are ready to customize or develop modules/add-ons for existing Open Source solutions as well as develop Custom solutions.